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The Youth Nationalist Congress

The Youth Nationalist Congress 



Motto - nationalism is the youth of the world!

Type- Youth Organization

Chairman- Sergii Kuzan

Official website – mnk.org.ua

Address - fn. 4, 9 Yaroslaviv Val St., Kyiv, Ukraine 01034


The Youth Nationalist Congress (the YNC) is the All-Ukrainian youth public organization established on February 10, 2001 at the initiative of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (revolutionary) (OUN(r)).

The YNC is one of the most effective and mass youth organizations in Ukraine. Currently, it is the only organization functioning amidst youth (in the young environment) in compliance with the goals and objectives of the OUN (r) to provide education and training to young people, protect the rights and interests thereof, and promote the ideas of Ukrainian nationalism.


The main areas of activity are: moral, physical and professional training and education of Ukrainian youth; protection of national interests and rights of Ukrainian youth; promotion of Ukrainian nationalism, etc.

The Youth Nationalist Congress is one of the leaders of youth movement in Ukraine in the sphere of training and education, information and promotion activities. Presently, we provide support for the official website of the OUN (r) www.UkrNationalism.org.ua; additionally we have developed, have launched and have maintained some other websites, as follows: www.gurby.org.ua and www.dontsov.info; several times a year we edit the newspaper "Teren-Ukraine", established and officially registered by the YNC, which has the largest circulation among the youth publications in Ukraine (10,000 copies). Over the years of its activities the YNC on its own and with representatives of Ukrainian diaspora has published a fair amount of books on ideological, historical and patriotic aspects. Their total edition is about 50,000 copies.

The YNC has a multileveled structure and uses unique methods of 3-level training and all-round development of its membership. Every year we hold the largest three camps of youth activities in Ukraine: sport and patriotic game "Hurby-Antonivtsi", training and education camp "Vidvaha" named after I. Havdyda and camp-jamboree "Povstanska Vatra", which are open for participation of youth from patriotic organizations. For internal training the winter extreme camp "Uray” and the camp for girls “Rusa Kosa” are held, this camps have the status of the 1st training level. The organization of professional training seminars and camps of the 2nd level is obligatory for the YNC. During them the leading membership improves its skills. In general, nearly 1000 young people from all over Ukraine annually participate in the above mentioned training and educational events.

Throughout the period of the YNC activity all its leaders and leading figures were honoured with government and state awards (orders, prizes and honorary awards). The YNC directs its activities on the work with students, especially through student research communities and autonomous bodies by presenting organizations, patriotic and philosophic books, meetings with famous people, organization of actions for popularization of Ukrainian culture. The YNC participated in developing of the Concept of Ukrainian national patriotic education of youth, which was approved on the level of the four ministries and was referred to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as the State Program.

Detailed statement of ideological platforms and programmatic principles of activities of the Youth Nationalist Congress are there: www.ukrnationalism.org.ua/mnk/ and www.ukrnationalism.org.ua/mnk/. The initiator, inspirer and guardian ("godfather") of the YNC was Ivan Havdyda – the Deputy Chairman of the OUN Leadership (2000-2003).


From the very start the YNC participates in the social political activities. Already in March 2001 during a mass people's protest action "Ukraine without Kuchma" 14 members of the YNC were detained for several days. In May 2001 Andriy Stasyshyn–the Deputy Chairman ofthe YNC, appeared on the dock for participating in anti-communist actions. Already in 2002 after local elections 28 members of the YNC became deputies of local councils at various levels.

In 2003 the YNC was one of the initiators of the protest actions "Volyn remembers!" against speculative and one-sided coverage of the Ukrainian-Polish conflict in 1943. During the clashes with special security troops of Ministry of Internal Affairs "Berkut" dozens of members of the YNC were detained.

That year the YNC launched a global humanitarian project "the owner owns its own". Over the next four years with the support of the Ukrainian Diaspora nearly 3 million copies of books of Ukrainian literature were disseminated among the libraries of universities, libraries of regional and rural centers and among communities of Eastern Ukrainian diaspora (there are more than 40 communities). More than a dozen actions in defense of the Eastern Ukrainian diaspora were held.

The same year the YNC initiated holding of the international conference in the honour of the 60th anniversary of anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations in the Rivne.

In 2004 the YNC organized the protests against fraudulent elections of mayor of Mukachevo, the campaign "Clean Ukraine", the committee of civil resistance "Ukrainian House", the campaign "Students’ wave", the voluntary brigades for protection of the Orange Revolution. Activities of the organization became the subject of the report of the deputy head of the Security Service of UkraineI. Drizhchanyi in VerkhovnaRada.

In 2005 the YNC received recognition at the state level winning official registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The newspaper "Teren Ukraine" is considered to be the most massive release of national youth organizations and was registered together with the organization and its symbols. Internet project "nationalist portal": UkrNationalism.org.ua, which is now the official website of OUN (r), was launched.

That and the following year the leaders of the YNC became public servants and members of local councils in various regions of Ukraine. In particular, Oleg Medunytsya became the deputy head of Sumy regional state administration, Oleg Vitvitskyy–the deputy head of Ternopil regional council, representatives of the organization wereappointed as governors and other high posts.

The YNC was one of the most active participants of the march of Ukrainian Insurrectional Army (UIA), during which members of the organization participated in the force counteraction against the Russian proimperialist organizations. The YNC counteracts the Eurasian Youth Union (YESM), "Russkiy March" in Kiev and Kharkiv. The charity event "Help to veterans of UIA" was held in 11 regions of Ukraine by virtue of the YNC.

In 2006 the YNC implemented the program "The Truth About the UIA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army)" both on the national and regional levels. It organized actions against separatism in the eastern regions of Ukraine. The Law handbook on preventing of the introduction of Russian as a regional language was released by means of the YNC.

The same year the YNC held a force action for the purpose of returning to parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate theKaterynoslavs'ka church, which was seized by representatives of Russian Cossacks and the Progressive Socialist Party (N. Vitrenko). The participants of the action were granted with the certificate of merit and were decorated with the Order of Patriarch Filaret (UOC of Kiev Patriarchate).

In 2006 10 000 copies of special issue of the newspaper "Teren Ukraine"were releasedin Russian for spreading in the Russian Federation.

2007. For the younger generation of the members of the YNC the campaign "Flag of Ukrainian nationalism" was launched with the aim of setting the flag of the OUN on all highest peaks of Ukraine (over 1500 m). The actions for the protection of the rights of Ukrainian Diaspora "Hear the voice of Ukraine!" and against the falsifiers of the truth about the Famine (Holodomor) of 1932-33 "No prizes from Duranty" were held. The cooperation with the League of Ukrainians in Canada (LUC), the Connected Ukraine-American Assistance Committee (ZUDAK) and the Union of Ukrainians in Great Britain (SUB) was organized in conducting of training camps and charitable events "Ukrainian book - for Donetsk and the Crimea". 

The YNC sponsored the tournament “Cup of Commemoration of Heroes” for national youth organizations devoted to 100th anniversary of the chief UIA commander Roman Shukhevych.

2008. The YNC embodied a number of projects in the sphere of the state youth policy. The special commissions of RSA in 7 regions included representatives ofthe YNC. The organization won the competition of projects of the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports. With the participation of the YNC "Doctrine of State Youth Policy in 2009-2015 years" was developed. Active participation in the action "One nation - one Ukraine" in Severodonetsk against separatist actions of certain political forces and artificial escalation of the language issue was showed.

2009. The YNC participated and organized activities for celebration of the 100th anniversary of Stepan Bandera emphasizing on the cities of Eastern Ukraine. In particular, the vast majority of measures in the national project "For youth about Bandera" were organized and carried out by the YNC. The YNC has made a weekly propaganda raids in Transcarpathian region devoted to the 70th anniversary of Carpathian Ukraine. The organization introduced a nationwide project of a series of intellectual competitions "Brain-Ring" on the historical and national themes for high schools and schools students in regions and regional centers.

2010. The organization becomes one of the initiators and organizers of the "Antytabachna campaign" and the youth movement "Resistance" against ukrainephobian power of politics. The YNC focuses its activities on actions against the tyranny of the SSU and the police (R. Zabily and I. Indylo), pro-Russian policy of Yanukovych (Kharkiv agreements), media provocations and historical falsification of Ukrainian and Russian media (ICTV). State program of national conferences and workshops on camping, traveling and survival for youth and patriotic organizations was completed together with the Ministry of Youth. The All-Ukrainian propaganda campaign for presentation of the book "OUN (Bandera): fragments of work and struggle" the author SvyatoslavLipovetskiy was conducted. Presentations were held intowns and villages of 14 regions of Ukraine, in Kyiv and in the Lviv Book Fair.

The Youth Nationalist Congress entered the TOP-10 youth organizations of Ukraine according to the information of the StudNews resource (more than 30 influential youth organizations were nominated in the voting).


Ideological platform

The Youth Nationalist Congress stands on the ideological basis of Ukrainian nationalism and is a part of the Ukrainian nationalist movement led by the revolutionary OUN.

1. Ukrainian revolutionary nationalism is the valid idealistic outlook and organized social and political movement that grows out of the foundations of spirituality of the Ukrainian people, as a synthesis of ideas and values created by it in the process of historical existence.

2. Ukrainian nationalism has the authentic character and does not follow any foreign models.

3. Ukrainian nationalism stands on the basis of traditionalism and fights communism, cosmopolitanism, liberalism and other social doctrines, whichare imposed upon nations of the world by any "universal" models of social order not recognizing the right of nations to live their lives according to their needs and ideas.

4. Ukrainian nationalism doesn’tdogmatize any scheme of social order, so that it is neither "right" nor "left."

5. In the center of ideological basis of Ukrainian nationalism is the idea of the nation - the vision of the highest development of all its spiritual and physical forces.

6. The nation is the highest fundamental form of existence of a national body, which on the basis of common experience in historical fate and unceasing aspirations realizes in full force strain and is characterized by awareness of its own separateness and common will of its constituents to lead in their ethnic territory an independent life in their own national state, grounding on understanding of the National Idea.

7. The conscious bearer of the National Idea is a leading stratum - the national elite, the political will of which reflects the core interests of the entire nation.

8. The nation is the original unity of the past, present and future generations of compatriots, organically connected with common history, language, culture and historical mission.

9. The meaning of life of each nation has its own vocation, historic mission, which is realized through the implementation of the National Idea.

10. The main factor of the realization of the National Idea is a nationalist movement - inspired by a nationalist outlook the social and political force, which arises from the spiritual and social nature of a people as a response to its mostly essential needs and operates by the leading.

11. The Ukrainian nationalist movement is a nationwide, integrated and self-maintained. Nationwide means that it protects the people’s wellbeing as a whole, without regard to any class, regional, party or other group or individual interests. Integrity consists in its willing to cover the national life in all its manifestations in order to unite all the healthy components of the people for implementation of the National Idea. Self-maintenance of the Ukrainian nationalist movement derives from the fact that it relies in its policy on the own strength of the Ukrainian people and fundamentally rejects the orientation on any foreign power in principle, which leads to dependence onits goals.

12. The conditions and means of realizationby the Ukrainian people of its vocation is its own National State as a form of organized existence, which connects all of its components in a united system that provides the most favorable conditions for the full development of its spiritual and physical forces.

13. The state is National, when it corresponds to a creature, expresses the interests and embodies the will of its people –the ethnic host – being based and oriented in its policy on its productive strata.

14. Ukraine will become a National State only when the system ruled by the people, based on the principles of national solidarity, social justice, legal order and personal responsibility, will be established there. National solidarity means the unity and mutual assistance based on the identity of the nation's highest goals and meaning of life of an individual. Social justice involves the relevance of the rights and remunerations of each member of the society to his duties and to his contribution to the nationwide cause. The legal order is based on justice, strength and sustainability of the law equally obligatory for everybody. Personal Responsibility stipulates for triumph of the ideal citizen under the totalitarian leveling of a person and selfish self-disposal of an individual.

15. The physical precondition of a normal life and healthy development of the people the Ukrainian nationalism recognizes the spread of the Ukrainian National State in all Ukrainian ethnographic territories that constitute the inseparable unity of its spiritual world and the absolute dominance in its own geopolitical space.

16. The modern Ukrainian revolutionary nationalist movement is the living inheritor of the heroic events of the best sons of the Nation throughout its historical path and feels historic responsibility for the fate of the Motherland now and in the future.

Program Principles

The world-view basis and priority value for the Youth Nationalist Congress is the Ukrainian Nation as the highest type of organic human community. The main goal for us is the protection, Nation building and its all-round development.

Indifferent and often hostile attitude to the fate of the Ukrainian people and the future of the Ukrainian State as to the possible competitor for a place in the sun from foreign factors and the undermining activity of  "thefifthcolumn" encourages traditionally to focus primarily on the own forces of Ukrainian people by mobilizing and organizing.

The young and active have prospects. Bringing up a new generation of Ukrainians, inspired by the Ukrainian Idea, sacrificial, strong-willed, highly educated young people –the youth leaders, the social activation of the younger generation and its involvement into effective struggle for freedom and power of the Ukrainian Nation, for strength and majesty of the Ukrainian State is one of the most important tasks for today.

As a result of a thorough analysis of the situation and realization of all responsibilities, which encourages us not to remain indifferent and calls for action, the Youth Congress sets at this stage of its activities the following priorities and trends:


1. The optimal form of the full-fledged functioning of the Ukrainian State, which would properly secure the needs and interests of the Ukrainian nation and would became the warrantor of its development, is a geopolitical superpower, which will be the subject of the world politics and will become the dominant culturegenous and stabilizing factor in the region. For a comprehensive development and consolidation of the Ukrainian nation and increasing of the welfare of our people a new model of the future of Ukraine is needed, it should be aimed at protecting the interests of the majority of the population of Ukraine, the basis of which will be formed from traditional spiritual and national values of the Ukrainian people, in particular these are the age aspirations forsocial and national justice. The Ukrainian state must cover all Ukrainian ethnographic territories and strive for spreading of spiritual, cultural, economic expansion.

2. Ukraine needs victories. Success is possible only if the transformation of "Little Russian population" in the powerful Ukrainian nation - the only structured, hierarchized active body, which understands its own distinctiveness and strives for the protection and realization of its national interests and performance of the mission "to create new life on the verge of two worlds." This is a conscious deliberate process, it is difficult, but the only natural way is not only in progress but also in survival.

3. The power in Ukraine should be performed solely within the interests of the Ukrainian people;the authorities should obey its people and be controlled by it. In case of real keeping to the abovementioned requirements of the form of declared political system is a matter of secondary importance for us.

4. Titanic work to build the Nation and the National State, which is a strategic goal of organized nationalist movement is possible only through the rise of the institutional structures that aim to and are able to do this important task.

5. Every revival of the Nation starts from revival of its elite. Therefore, our priority is education and training of the young generation of Ukrainians on the basis of national patriotism, sacrifice, solidarity and cultivating of the spirit of knightly heroism, optimism and indestructibility, the formation of an outstanding, healthy physically and spiritually, educated, strong-willed and energetic personality.

6. Recognizing that youth is the future of the Nation and from its proper upbringing, education andhardening depends the following rise and prosperity of the national United State, we aim to create an extensive multifunctional politically structured organizational network, which would embrace all the spheres of the youth life and would comprehensively encourage and promote formation of a new generation of Ukrainians - the owners and defendersof their land, who will become a model and example to follow.

7. The ideological basis of the Youth Congress is the current Ukrainian nationalism as a traditionalist idealistic outlook and integrated, nationwide, self-maintainedorganized revolutionary movement.

8. The Youth Congress actively opposes and strongly fights the forces and factors that are national, social, spiritual or psychological enslavement of the Ukrainian people, no matter where that threat is from and what colours does it have.

9. The Youth Congress should become a vanguard, an expression of interest and defender of theUkrainian youth rights.


1. The organization is constructed as a powerful force, designed to become the integrating factor and the vanguard of Ukrainian patriotic youth on the basis of: a) the formation and strengthening of the leading professional asset of the organization, and b) attracting the most active element of Ukrainian youth for employment and training in the organization in accordance with the interests, professions, skills,strengthening and extension of appropriate interior organizational structures, c) attract the widest audience of youth in the sphere of influence and activities of the Youth Nationalist Congress d) formation of an effective andramified organizational network in localities and their own well-developed infrastructure, and e) strengtheningof their own economic and material and technical base and diversification and intensification of the propaganda and agitation work.

2. The Youth Congress longs for strengthening ofthe working contacts with ideologically related organizations in Ukraine and in the world. The Youth Congress is the initiator of the creation of the Youth patriotic organizations bloc, advocates the creation of effective national and patriotic front in Ukraine and abroad.

3. In the framework of its activities the Youth Congress longs for creation of ramified network of theoretical and analytical, sports and tourist, cultural, information, propaganda, student, training, expert, economic, and other structures.

4. The Youth Congress cultivates the sense of patriotism, solidarity, sacrifice, activity and responsibility. The organization is built on hierarchical principles based on discipline and on the grounds of understanding of the purpose of the Organization and mission of Ukraine.

Principal terms:

The complexity and diversity of problems that Ukraine face in general and the Ukrainian youth and the Youth Congress in particular needs, their radical and comprehensive solution. We must make every effort to a successful and speedy implementation of our programmatic principles.

1. The power in Ukraine should be endowed to the patriotic, highly educated, honest professionals - strong-willed and decisive intellectual persons, for whom the interests of the nation are more than anything.

2. The state should provide the best opportunities for realization by its citizens of their national, social and spiritual needs and intellectual and creative abilities. The Youth Congress actively opposes the attempts to convert the young state to the "banana republic" - a raw material appendage of the West and East, supplier of cheap labor and the global dump hazardous waste.

3. The guarantor of national independence and unity of the Ukrainian State should become the Ukrainian Army and the willingness of the people to defend their own State. The Youth Congress trains young people for the service in the Ukrainian Army to defend the Homeland, and strives for increase of military power and fighting spirit of the Ukrainian Army, to raise the prestige of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and its proper financial support.

4. Ages of enslavement and genocide that are continuing till this day, have led to severe demographic situation. The nation is in danger! The Youth Congress calls for raising of the role of health system to the proper level. The State should encourage fertility. For that a program of protection of motherhood and childhoodneed to be implemented, the full support of young families, who must ensure national growth, should be provided. We support the deployment of decisive struggle with drug addiction, alcoholism, youth crime, the state's promotion of healthy lifestyle and sport. The basis of physical and moral health of the nation is the health of the family. Caring for the strengthening of the family has to become a state priority.

5. The Youth Congress is in favor of introducing of the concept of national upbringing and education, which are based on traditional principles of spirituality and patriotism. National School should form a mature personality, develop and consolidate in youth the feeling of patriotism, national unity, a desire to serve their people and country, educate young people on the basis of national traditionalism. The Youth Congress actively prevents the destruction of the education and cultural systems.

6. The Youth Congress believes that in the area of economics the crucial role plays not only ownership or economic structure declared, but labor productivity, which depends on its organization, incentive mechanisms, introduction of advanced technologies and high executive discipline. Finally, everything is definedby the national psychology in each country. The Youth Congress calls for the full support of domestic producers and the Ukrainian business.

7. The Youth Congress stands for a radical cessation of uncontrolled migration of foreigners in the territory of Ukraine, supports stimulating ethnic Ukrainians, who now live abroad, to return home.

8. The Youth Congress calls for strict limitationin the territory of Ukraineof activity of unconventional pseudoreligions, centers of which are located abroad. Ukraine needs Ukrainian church!

9. The Youth Congress longs for the revival of the countryside and the peasantry as traditional media of ethnical and genetic spirit of the Nation. The state should establish a protectorate over domestic agricultural producers and limit wild uncontrolled importation of foreign mass-produced items.

The Youth Congress makes for the prohibition of propaganda through the mass media of the cult of violence, pornography, sexual perversions, ideas liquidation of Ukrainian statehood.



10 February 2001 - November 2002 - Victor Rog

November 2002 - February 2007 - Oleg Medunytsya

February 2007 - February 2011 - JaroslavIlyash

February 2011 - SerhiyKu